Get Ready for Your Closeup

How do you stand out in a sea of actors? Capture the attention of the casting director in the blink of an eye. You’re only steps away from your big moment. Getting an agent. Landing a callback. Securing the role.

You need an actor headshot that opens the right doors.

Professional headshot of male actor in studio.


Toronto & Hamilton Actor Headshots

Woman’s cinematic acting headshot.

new acting headshot clients

The actor headshots photo session lasts 60-90 minutes. We will shoot headshots in studio and/or cinematic environments with no limit on looks and changes. You keep your acting headshot proofs, plus you get three finished, retouched headshots.

Young child actor headshot in studio.

TEENage Actor HEadshots

Acting headshots for kids 15 and under. Depending on the age of your child and their field of performance, they may just need straight acting headshots or they may also require full body photos. You get three finished acting headshots and/or comp card images.

Adult male actor professional headshot on white background.


For previous acting headshot clients. If you need to update your acting headshots due to a change in look or appearance, we love working with you and want to keep you coming back for all your professional headshots. Want to do something a little different? Let us know.



One of Toronto’s Best Headshot Photographers

As a former teacher, artistic director, and theatre owner, I know what casting directors look for in an acting headshot, and how to direct you during your acting headshots session. As a photographer, I have an unprecedented amount of experience directing and coaching actors and comedians. I understand the casting process from both the actor's and the director’s point of view; and I know what casting directors are looking for from your acting headshot before you even step through the door.

Thanks, Kevin! I have had headshots done in Wilmington and several in LA, and yours are BY FAR the best!
— Victor Lee

Great Actor Headshots

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Professional Actor Headshot Prices


The cost of professional headshots includes:

Headshot session for actors of 90 minutes.

Online proofing gallery. Unlimited looks.

You get three (3) high-resolution, retouched headshot images.

Price is not negotiable.

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