Portrait Project

I’m looking to photograph interesting people — of all ages, and all walks of life — in interesting places — basements with wood panel walls, lush extravagant houses, trailers, barber shops, doughnut shops, barns, indoor pools, airplanes, saunas, laundromats, garages, high-end condos, etc., etc. I am open to all ideas, but I will maintain full creative control of all shoots. Somewhere in the intersection between Slim Aarons and Tina Barney.

In exchange for your time (a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the location), I will provide you with at least one photograph and up to many photographs of you like you’ve never been photographed before, for your personal use. In other words, you can’t sell them or use them to promote your business/services; that’s what people hire me to do. (I make exceptions for musicians and artists who wish to use images on their website or in their EPK.) I am aiming for one shoot a week, so there will be plenty of room for a number of people.

If you’re interested in being part of this project, fill out the form below.



Be Advised

These images will not be standard portraits. They are not family photos and I will not produce an image that looks like a family photo. I want to make sure you know that these are NOT free “family sessions” or “portrait sessions.”

These are going to be creative, conceptual photo shoots. Cool? Cool.

Kevin Patrick Robbins