LinkedIn headshots. Bussiness card headshots. Headshots for your real estate business, law firm, not-for-profit NGO. Professional headshots are an absolute necessity in today's connected world. An employee headshot may be the first image people see that represents your brand. Invest in professional headshots for your business or organization. In this connected age, your clients want to know who you are. They want to put faces to names and they want those faces to be ones they can trust.

Client Profile | Origin and Cause Inc., Forensic Investigators

Leading forensic services company Origin and Cause Inc. commissioned us to photograph headshots for its entire staff — 23 people, from engineers to administrative support staff, at two separate locations (Mississauga and Ancaster) on the same day. OCI loved our modern headshots on a hot white background and how we were able to capture the individual personalities of each employees while keeping aligned with the company's image and brand.

In addition, we created a lighting guide for other photographers that OCI commissioned across Canada to photograph employees in other cities. As part of our agreement, we handle all the photo finishing and retouching for the other photographers so the finished look of all the images is consistent across the country.

As OCI hires new employees in Southern Ontario, they continue to return to our studio. And we're happy to photograph them. To date, we have photographed more than 40 OCI employees and processed and retouched the images for more than a dozen others.

Kevin is extremely talented at what he does yet is humble and kind, which made working with him a delight. He is always punctual and professional and delivers a product we are always pleased with.
— George Costandi, Origin and Cause

Jessica Fowler  | Owner, The Kind Group & Founder, Kindness Week Canada

Jessica Fowler | Owner, The Kind Group & Founder, Kindness Week Canada

The Real You

Our primary goal during the session is to highlight your authenticity. You want to be true to who you are, and that means bringing your personality to light in our images. We want to present you as yourself, not just a face your clients recognize from a website. You want your clients to connect with you, to trust you, and recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Sera Felice-Armenio  | President & CEO, St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation

Sera Felice-Armenio | President & CEO, St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation

Stay Current

Update your professional headshot every 1–2 years. Pick a month — maybe around your birthday — and get them updated every year at the same time. Add a recurring event to your calendar and set a reminder to get your portrait updated. We'll also send you a reminder when it's time to come back and keep your headshot current.



Business Headshots

Headshots for LinkedIn. Headshots for bussiness cards. Headshots for Houzz. Headshots for your real estate business. Professional headshots are an absolute necessity in today's business world. Your headshot may be the first image that people see that represents you and your brand. Invest the best professional headshots for your business.

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Executive Portraits

Professional portraits of presidents, C-level executives, managers and board members.

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Partners, Teams & Entire Firms

It can much more cost effective and efficient to have your whole team or multiple staff members or partners photographed on the same day. We can do this in a professional photography studio or on location at your office or facilities.

We can provide a professional makeup artist upon request for an additional fee.


Client Profile | Axis Communications Canada


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Preparing for Your Business Headshots


Select shirts that are solid colours, and avoid patterns and prints. Patterns and prints can distract the viewer from your face and features and can cause your headshot to look outdated very quickly. For men, a solid white or blue dress shirt looks great, but bring other options and a selection of ties. For women, pastel shirts and blouses look great, as does plain white. Avoid loud, vibrant colours, colours that are close to your skin tone, and tops that have frills or puffy shoulders. V-necks are always flattering.

PREPARE MULTIPLE LOOKS. During our shoot, you will have time to change looks. For most people this means, business suit and business casual. 

DRESS THE PART. Simply put, if you're an investment banker, you want to look like an investment banker in your photo. If you're a real estate agent, you don't want to look like a graphic designer, or vice versa. Conversely, if you're a doctor, this doesn't mean you will want to wear a lab coat and stethoscope. You can leave the props at home.

CLEANED AND PRESSED. Make sure your clothes are freshly laundered/dry-cleaned and pressed for success. Nothing can ruin a headshot faster than collar stains and wrinkles.


GENTLEMEN. If you are a clean-cut guy and that is important to your brand, give yourself a shave the morning of our shoot, but not so close to the shoot that your face will show redness. If you are the kind of man who wears a permanent five o'clock shadow, stubble or beard, come as you would normally look. Makeup for men is usually not required but it doesn't hurt to have a hair and makeup artist (HMUA) on hand during your shoot to oversee the consistency of your grooming.

LADIES. Prepare for your shoot in advance. Treat yourself to a wax and spa day at least three days in advance of your session. Additionally, we highly recommend women have a professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA) present for their shoot.


Your Take-Aways


Within 24-48 hours after our session, I will upload low-resolution, unretouched proofs to an online gallery. The number of proofs varies from session to session, but you can expect 50-75 proofs to choose from. The galleries are shareable and you can select and save your favourites from your session. Proofs are downloadable but will be watermarked as proofs. This watermark is not to be removed.


From the proofs, select three (3) images that best represent you and your image. After you make your selections, I will colour correct and retouch your selected images to remove any blemishes, flyaway hairs, etc. I will not remove identifiable marks, such as moles, birth marks, smooth skin, or dramatically reduce wrinkles in a way that alter your appearance.

Upon completion, for each of your images, I will provide you with print-ready and web-ready JPG files of each image, sized at 2048px. Your session includes a license to use each image in perpetuity for self-promotion and publicity purposes, as outlined in the terms on your invoice.


I do not watermark your final images; I believe if people want to know where you got your headshots, they will ask. As the photographer, I retain full copyright and moral rights of all images. You are provided a license to use and print the final images.


Featured work for Southern Ontario's "Biz" magazine.