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Commercial brand photography is about more than taking some pictures to put on your website. It's about making sure your images tell your unique story and don't look like stock photos you grabbed to fill the holes beside all the words in your marketing collateral. We work together to determine the best approach, outcomes and goals for your campaign and build your brand photography plan from there. I have the commercial photography experience to make your company, organization, team members, staff, product, service, animals, etc. look fantastic.

Cover of the Visit Hamilton city guide produced by the City of Hamilton.

Marketing & Promotional PHOTOGRAPHY

Whether you sell sassy swimsuits or SaaS systems, run a hospital or hostel, make wedding cakes or vegan milkshakes, your marketing materials need brand photography that highlights how your company, product, service, organization, etc., improves people's lives. Great lifestyle photography shows your product in action and its benefits. In short, lifestyle photography is great brand photography from your success bucket. You want to show images from your success bucket that highlight your brand's success.

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Great products demand the best product photography. Amazing dishes deserve great, mouth-watering food photography that makes people want to devour your menu.


Featured work for Southern Ontario's "Biz" magazine.

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