Preparing for Professional Headshots

The following are just suggestions and guidelines. What you wear and how you prepare is completely up to you. These are just what I’ve found to work best in my experience.

What to Wear to Your Professional Headshots

Select shirts that are solid colours, and avoid patterns and prints. Patterns and prints can distract the viewer from your face and features and can cause your headshot to look outdated very quickly. For men, a solid white or blue dress shirt looks great, but bring other options and a selection of ties. For women, pastel shirts and blouses look great, as does plain white. Avoid loud, vibrant colours, colours that are close to your skin tone, and tops that have frills or puffy shoulders. V-necks are always flattering.

Dress the Part

During our shoot, you will have time to change looks. For most people this means, business suit and business casual. Make sure your warddrobe fits your brand and is sending the right message to your clients. Simply put, if you're an investment banker, you want to look like an investment banker in your photo. If you're a real estate agent, you don't want to look like a graphic designer, or vice versa. Conversely, if you're a doctor, this doesn't mean you will want to wear a lab coat and stethoscope. Leave the props at home.


Make sure your clothes are freshly laundered/dry-cleaned and pressed for success. Nothing can ruin a headshot faster than collar stains and wrinkles.

Personal Grooming, Hair, and Makeup


If you are a clean-cut guy and that is important to your brand, give yourself a shave the morning of our shoot, but not so close to the shoot that your face will show redness. If you are the kind of man who wears a permanent five o'clock shadow, stubble or beard, come as you would normally look. Makeup for men is usually not required but it doesn't hurt to have a professional groomer on hand during your shoot to oversee the consistency of your grooming.


Prepare for your shoot in advance. We highly recommend women have a professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA) present for their shoot. We can arrange this for you at an additional fee (which goes directly to the MUA), but you can also do your own hair and makeup. If you’re the kind of woman who threads her eyebrows (ouch!) or waxes their facial hair (double ouch!) make sure to do that at least two days before your shoot, or not at all. Basically, give your face time to heal and the redness to dissipate.

Kevin Patrick Robbins