About the Photographer

Kevin Patrick Robbins


I am a Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario (GTA) based photographer specializing in acting headshots, brand photography, and advertising and editorial photography.

My name is Kevin Patrick Robbins. Everyone calls me KPR.

Prior to becoming a professional photographer in Hamilton, I was an actor and improviser. I founded the Impatient Theatre Co. in Toronto in 2001 and ran it for 12 years. ITC was one of the leading improv training and performance hubs in North America. I was its artistic director and training centre director for more than a decade.

Now, as a professional photographer, I try to tell your story and elevate your brand with great brand photography, professional headshots, product photography, and more.


Professional Photographer

I believe strongly that the photography industry benefits when we put professional advocacy and colleagial comeraderie ahead of competition and seek to help all photographers improve their skills and through continued education and feedback. Teaching is in my bones, and helping people is just one of the best experiences you can have that doesn't money (usually).

I spent two years as the Hamilton-Niagara branch chair of the Professional Photographers of Canada, two years on the Ontario regional board for Professional Photographers of Ontario, and one year as the national Professional Development Director for PPOC. I was also an accredited commercial photographer with PPOC. I left the organization in 2017 but I still believe pursue and espouse the ideal of "community, not competition."



I've have the pleasure of working with numerous incredible clients, including...

Alberta Oil, Bell Media, Biz Magazine, Cassan Maclean, CBC Canada, City of Hamilton, Dunsmore Law, EF Education First, Fluke Transportation, Fox 40 Intl., Hambly & Woolley, Hamilton Fashion Week, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton Magazine, Hillfield Strathallen College, Just For Laughs, LiveNation, McKeil Marine, McNally Gervan, MDM Recordings, Mom.Life, Moonage Studios, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Origin & Cause Inc., Pacific Standard, Pearl Pianos, Postmedia Network, The Province, Rachael Warner Designs, Sinai Maple, SterlingCard, St. Joseph's Healthcare, Sun Media, Thier + Curran Architects, Toronto Improv Festival, Tourism Hamilton, Town Media, Venture Publishing, Vines Magazine, and more.


Published Editorial Photography

From the summer of 2014 through the end of 2017, I shot the majority of the feature articles and covers for Hamilton Magazine. I also shot features and covers for its sister business magazine, Biz Magazine. As a proud Hamilton photographer, born and raised, it was an honour to shoot for and help define the visual style of these magazines.

My work has also appeared in a number of other publications, including Pacific Standard, The Province, Vancouver Sun, View Magazine, Vines, and HSC Review, the alumni publication of Hamilton's top-tier private school Hillfield Strathallan College.



During my time in the Professional Photographers of Canada, I was the recipient of multiple awards. My portraits of Ralph Nader and Rick Mercer were accepted into the National Image Salon and received merit-level awards in juried competition.


Celebrities, Athletes & Public Figures

As the producer of an international comedy festival, I have seen many of my friends and colleagues move on to become famous comedians and award-winng actors. Some of them you know. Others you might recognize. Needless to say, I am very comfortable working with celebrities and have even photographed a few of them.

My favourite celebrity to photograph was (and is) Emo Philips. A friend and brilliant comedian, Emo's personality shines through in every image and he is very discerning of his public image.

I have also had the pleasure of photographing numerous other public figures and celebrities including Ralph NaderRick Mercer, Maria Bamford, Tim MinchinKevin McDonald, Kevin Allison, Bob Schneider, ArkellsLawrence Hill, Gary Barwin, J.R. Diggs, Steve Staios, Kia Nurse, Brandon Banks, Stephen Brunt, Glen Grunwald, Zach Collaros, and more.


Guest Lectures

I have lectured at local and regional meetings of the Professional Photographers of Canada on a variety of subjects, including portraiture lighting, high-end retouching, and digital marketing. I continue to appear as a guest speaker when asked, as teaching is burned in my soul.


Career Path

My photography life began in my Grade 7 photo club. I remember developing a photo of my mother's video rental store, Movie Madness, and developing it in the school darkroom. Years later, I went on to study business communications and media at Brock University, where I was a photographer, writer, designer, and eventually editor at university's weekly newspaper, The Brock Press. After graduating, I studied professional screenwriting at Niagara College, worked as a copy editor and page designer at daily newspaper in Niagara Falls, and started taking improv classes at The Second City in Toronto. That's where my resume makes an interesting turn.

Instead of writing the next great blockbuster movie, I started an improv comedy company (The Impatient Theatre Co.), launched an international comedy festival, and and created the Impatient Theatre Co. Training Centre. The ITC Training Centre became one of the leading comedy training centres in the world, and I spent 12 amazing years performing, teaching, and directing improvisational comedy.

In 2013, I gave it all up and pivoted back to my original love: photography. I no longer edit menus in restaurants with a red pen or perform for large crowds. Bringing a story to life in an image is just as gratifying as bringing a character to life onstage. I've shot hundreds of portraits and actor headshots and can make buildings and burgers shine using the right architectural photography and product photography techniques (and the right amount of patience).



I'm a ton of fun to shoot with and a master at capturing your personality. My years spent teaching and performing improvisation mean I'm usually the funniest person in the room (but not always) and I'm great at getting fresh teams working well together.

I am addicted to movies and can often be found in the IMAX theatre on opening night of the newest blockbuster. I happily pay for overpriced popcorn and iced tea so I can continue to have these theatrical experiences. I have a 55" TV in my living room and very loud 5.1 surround sound system to feed my Game of Thrones addiction.

My roommate Winston is a super-hyper Corgi / Jack Russell cross that is the life of the party and just far too distracting for photo shoot sets, so you're not likely to meet him, but you can still enjoy his cute face.


How to Hire Me

This is the easy part! Please contact me and let me know about your project. I'd love to setup a phone call with you and discuss your project so we can figure out how best to tell your story and create your own amazing brand photography.

Kevin Patrick Robbins