Headshots FAQ

How much Do your headshots Cost?

All headshot rates are listed on the respective acting headshots and business headshots pages on this site. Price listed here are always current.


We accept credit card, PayPal, and email money transfers. Once we arrange a date and time, I will send you an electronic invoice. You can pay the invoice immediately with credit card or PayPal (we do not accept PayPal eCheques). Once your payment is completed, we will confirm your session as booked. If you receive an invoice and wait a week to pay, we cannot guarantee that we will still be available on that date or at that time.

Where is your studio located?

I use a variety of professional photography studios, such as Album Studio, District 28, Neighbourhood Studio, and others. Based on our schedule and theirs, we will find one that works for all of us and suits your needs. For shoots with a lot of people, there may an additional fee for the rental of the studio. All expenses will be itemized on your estimate.


Prices listed are for individual sessions with a single block of time. If you want to do a session with your hair naturally curly, and then your hair blown-out, you can book two sessions, but this is extremely costly and not recommended.

For actor headshots, you should have your headshots taken with your hair styled the way you would do it on your own, at home, in preparation for an audition.

For professional business headshots, you should have your photo taken with your hair styled the way it would be when you meet your clients on a day-to-day basis.

Can you do full-body shots of my kid for comp cards?

Yes, we can. While this is becoming less and less common of an industry standard, we understand that some places sometimes still ask for it. So, of course we can do that!

I can't decide on just three images. Can I buy additional images?

Absolutely. We hear this so often, we've even created a sliding scale for purchasing additional images. You can find these rates on our respective acting headshots and corporate headshots pages.

Kevin Patrick Robbins